We are really excited to announce that our company is in the top 10 students’ companies of Greece! Our creative, innovative and well-written Business Plan that we submitted for the competition in combination with our display in the 11th Student Commercial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition by Youth Entrepreneurship Society (SEN) – Junior Achievement Greece, we managed to qualify to the Final Nationwide Contest to showcase the “Best Virtual Enterprise 2017”.

In our Business Plan we described our company, our goals, our packages, our future plans, what accessible tourism means and why it is highly important for the society both economically and socially.

Our preparation has already begun and the 5 members that will be present are currently working to be the best version of them in order to represent the idea behind «Wheels of Travel» equally to its value.

After the success of “Wheels of Travel” in the competition “Social Innovation Relay” that underlines the social character of our purpose, another event is going to do so and hopefully highlight even more our mission: to make society accessible for all!

The day of the contest is Friday, April 28, 2017 at the Iphigenia room “Theatre”, at the Cultural Centre “Hellenic Cosmos”(Piraeus 254, Taurus).