Wheels of Travel at “Fair Trade Athens 2017”

On Friday, February 10, Wheels of Travel participated in the 11th Student Commercial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition by the Youth Entrepreneurship Society (SEN) – Junior Achievement Greece. There we had the opportunity to make our company known to the world of business!

This exhibition gives students the chance to express their creative ideas and learn more about how business works. Every idea was presented by a team of students from each participating school. In the end, the product or the service which is more well-presented, innovative, and cost-effective wins and is nominated ‘Best Student Company’ of SEN.

During the exhibition, our team informed people about the idea behind Wheels of Travel and the progress that the company has made so far. In an attempt to promote our company, we sold bracelets and T-shirts, and gave out brochures, pens, and biscuits, with the name of our company.

What’s more, our team created a very impressive commercial “bench” consisting of two screens, an enlarged version of our poster and, of course, the products mentioned above. Members of the team explained the process of buying a package tour from the company’s website, while one of the screens played videos of the company’s successful first tour of the Sacred Rock of Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum.

Wheels of Travel received many positive comments and even some cooperation proposals, so the whole team was very pleased with the outcome of our attempts!

Participating in such an event was a unique experience for us and we are truly thankful to be given such amazing opportunities to explore our talents and, maybe, become successful business figures in the future.