Visit to the Confederation of Disabled Persons

We had the incredible opportunity of visiting the offices of the Greek National Confederation of Persons with Disabilities in Heliopolis. Initially, Mr. Dimitris Ligaras, who is deaf, pointed out the importance of accessibility. He clarified that disability is a social problem, and not just personal.


Mrs. Marili Christofi, with her years of experience in accessible tourism, highlighted the difficulties we might face during the implementation of our project. She guided us and helped us with issues in the design and operation of our packages. Finally, she underlined the value of our project and purpose of our company, congratulating us once again for our initiative. Present throughout our constructive discussion was also Pierce graduate Ms. Helen Vardakastani, daughter of the President of the Greek National Confederation of Persons with Disabilities.


At the end of the visit, we toured the building to have a look at and record some accessibility points which were mentioned and analyzed in the discussion. Signs written in Braille system on walls, doors, and elevators, were enough to make the building accessible to everyone.

We are truly thankful to the Confederation of Persons with Disabilities for the help they gave us!