Discussion with Bernidaki-Aldous, PhD

Dr. Eleftheria Bernidaki-Aldous visited our school club to talk with us and provide us with her useful insight into issues of disability, bringing us a step closer to accomplishing our goal.

Dr. Bernidaki is an is an admirable person who has done a lot of things in her life: she is a Professor of Classics, and Senior Advisor of Diversity and Equal Opportunity at ACG she is a Classics Professor, Professor Emeritus, and Senior Advisor of Diversity and Equal Opportunity at The American College of Greece, a published author, and a former member of the Hellenic Parliament where she served as Chair of the Committee on issues of disability.

Her presentation was enlightening as she made us understand that what we are trying to achieve is truly important. To begin with, our country is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Unfortunately, its infrastructure is not friendly towards disabled people. Therefore, as Dr. Bernidaki mentioned, we must raise awareness in order to improve the situation. Furthermore, she said that a great number of tourist facilities and hotels are not accessible, even if they say so, and as a result, we know that extensive research needs to be made before booking. Dr. Bernidaki stressed the positive outcome of our attempt and gave us a leaflet of her own research.

We warmly thank Dr. Bernidaki for her assistance, and look forward to using the material she kindly provided in order to achieve our goal.