About Us

Hi there visitor!

We are 16 students from the A’ Lyceum Class of Pierce – The American College of Greece, but we are also proud Athenians and responsible citizens. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy our city equally and that’s why we created “Wheels of Travel,” an online travel agency dedicated to creating custom-made Athenian experiences for people with moving disabilities.

We are determined to change society and transform it so that it is accessible for all citizens!


The Idea

Wheels of Travel was created in the context of our participation in the program ‘Virtual Enterprise’ of the Young Entrepreneurs Association (SEN/Junior Achievement Greece), with the approval of the Greek Ministry of Education, Research, and Religion. After a long period of research, and always keeping in mind our school’s motto “To serve, not to be served,” we decided that we wanted to start a company that serves the needs of contemporary society and, especially, the rights of disabled people, who need our support.


The Company

Our aim is to establish and operate an online travel agency which designs, develops, and promotes special tourist packages for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in Greece and abroad. These packages have been created after market researches and visits on the places they refer to. The areas and the places that are chosen are accessible for all, our activities will be pleasant and creative and the experiences will be unforgettable!


The Mission

Our goal is to promote the concept of accessibility, to improve the rights of disabled persons, and provide them with equal opportunities to enjoy tourism and sightseeing in the land that gave birth to modern civilization.

Furthermore, we aim to increase the number of tourists with disabilities in Greece and instill in our fellow citizens of Athens consideration and sensibility toward accessibility. Through our company, but also through our continuous effort to motivate actions to create friendly infrastructure for the disabled, we wish to help Greece take the first step towards becoming an attractive destination for people with disabilities from all around the globe.

We are all devoted to our goal and we hope to achieve it!

We wheel travel!

Precious helpers and supporters of this effort have been: our professor Mr. George Tziros, and our volunteer Mr. Christos Lytras, who believed in the strong social character of our project from the very beginning.


Our Partnership with Athens Insiders

In order to create our unique travel packages, we had to find a unique partner!

What made Athens Insiders an easy choice is that, apart from being experts in creating superb and tailor-made experiences, they share the same commitment to serving the contemporary traveler. They were passionate about our ideas and excited about our product. Both of our teams cherish the value of traveling, which is why we are working together to create an amazing and accessible experience for all to enjoy!

From our first meeting, Athens Insiders helped us find a direction for our project, and move forward toward creating a successful tourism business model. Since the start of our “Wheels of Travel” journey, they have become our trusted guides by advising us with ways to improve our tourist packages, supporting our vision, and working with us to achieve our goal.

As “Wheels of Travels” is a student company, our packages are purchased from and brought to you by Athens Insiders, our partners in the design of the packages, and the ones who deliver the services. Upon choosing an excursion package, you will be redirected to the Athens Insiders website to arrange the details of your trip.